Tuesday - February 23, 2016

360-degree video helps Associated Press tell the whole story

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AMD started cooperation with The Associated Press (AP), to create a new news channel presenting content in the form of virtual reality and thus create a completely new model of journalism. Under this collaboration AP uses technology AMD Radeon graphics cards to render the actual VR environment used to illustrate information and documentary materials. AMD will provide hardware platforms, software and knowledge of VR, which will be used to support the Associated Press in the development of journalism based on VR and 360 video content.

It’s a complete new era, because from now on VR journalism  can let almost directly experience what is the content of information and transfer recipient almost to the very heart of the events that shape our reality. Virtual reality allows you to experience how it feels to be in a different time and place exactly as if there actually was. From screaming and crying after the joy and parades, VR journalism gives a unique opportunity to statements given the world as it moves the viewer into the center of the depicted reality.

According to many opinions for 2016 will be the year when virtual reality becomes a reality. VR hardware and content will soon be available to the public in many places, such as just a new VR Associated Press channel . People will explore  virtual reality and its unlimited possibilities.

AMD Radeon graphics cards with Graphics Core Next architecture and software AMD Liquid VR are designed to provide VR experience. Software AMD graphics cards, such as just Liquid VR, as well as hardware subsystems, such as graphics chips AMD Radeon allow developers and content creators to develop real  VR environments , which gives a sense of presence on the presented virtually the spot.

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