Thursday - April 14, 2016

Facebook Social VR Platform

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During the conference, F8 Facebook introduced the future of social communication in the VR environment. During the presentation two person spaced apart took a virtual meeting with the possibility of multiple interactions.

The presentation was made by goggles Oculus Rift and special controllers Oculus Touch, which allow you to imitate human hands and perform their movements in virtual reality (the market is set to appear for approx. Half a year).

Social VR platform presented by Facebook allows users to interact with each other in virtual reality using social media.

During conference speaker made contact with his distant colleague thaks to Social VR platforms. Together they traveled to different places in the world, drew objects in the virtual space , and also took a selfie which they put on Facebook.

Facebook has announced that such use of VR may in future revolutionize contacts on the web. It will also allow for virtual meetings and even conferences and cooperation taking place in the virtual reality environment.

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