Thursday - March 03, 2016

Sony vr glasses

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According to preliminary plans, Sony PlayStation virtual reality glasses (formerly known under the code name Morpheus)should be released in the first half of the year. The last statement of Paul Raines, GameStop president of the American company, which owns an extensive network of gameing shops in North America, Australia and Europe, seems to contradict this information.. In an interview with Fox News television, Raines said that his company is preparing to bring glasses into shops this fall. At the same time we are in discussion with manufacturers of similar devices, such as HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Sony refused to comment on the revelations of GameStop bosses, stating that the final release date for the PlayStation VR will be announced in the future.

In over  last year Sony began to devote more attention to the promotion of virtual reality. PlayStation VR will work only with the PlayStation 4, which significantly limits its technical possibilities and games library . On the other hand, the Japanese company has already made a number of minor and major titles cooperating with glasses. the main element that will affect their adoption and popularity among players and developers will certainly be the unit price, which still remains a mystery. According to the manufacturer’s comments, PlayStation VR will cost as much as a brand new platform to play. It is therefore expected that the goggles will not be cheaper than the PlayStation 4.

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