Monday - March 14, 2016

The Virtual Desktops of the Future – BigScreen’ PC Desktop Inside VR

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VR technloogy will soon be able to use VR  goggles as a monitor thanks to BigScreen Company PC- VR interface

Virtual reality has yet many challenges. One of the problems is for egzaple the need to remove the goggles when switching between applications. This, however, may change due to BigScreen software.

Big Screen can be a huge advantage to computer VR goggles like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Thanks to this software we may be able to move into virtual reality interface of Windows. In practice, therefore, VR goggles will serve us as an extra giant monitor (creators say here even about the impression watching the screen with a diagonal of 6 meters).

Bigscreen will also allow you to share the screen with other users of VR goggles – in this way we will be able to watch movies together with your friends, who are in their own homes. The software transfers all on a single, virtual couch, where we can enjoy the large-screen view avatars friends sitting next to. In a similar way we can also play multiplayer games.

The premiere of the software is being prepared at the begining of April 2016. There are also plans for a Samsung Gear VR version, but there is no doubt that most benefits the software will bring to the PCs users.

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