Monday - April 04, 2016

VR Crane Operators

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It is often said that the use of virtual reality, is limited only by imagination. I must admit that this is a lot of arguments but more often we can find a new and surprising solution on the market.

This time the company Hiab presented how in the nearest future the work of the crane operator may look like. The system works on the basis of goggles Oculus DK2 and 4 cameras, The sollution allows to look around in the range of 240 degrees. Surprisingly the experienced operator should quickly get used to the new environment.

At the moment this is only a prototype, and the main advantage is the convenience of the operator, who can remain in the car without having to go outside in bad weather conditions. But ultimately, the system is to allow remote operation over a long distance, maintenance of several cranes by a single operator, or a response to the growing demands for safety in the industry.

More details on this we need to know during the Bauma Fair 2016 in Munich on 11-17 of April.

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